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Welcome to OzBC

Thanks for visiting OzBC.net. The information on this site is aimed at sharing my experience with those that may be keen to get into the backcountry and those that already frequent it. I am not an expert on the subject matter presented on this site and nothing written here should be considered expert advice. Skiing in the backcountry is an evolving skill. The information presented in books, on this site, and sites like it provide information that may help you get started but they are no substitute for the experience you will gain over time spent in the backcountry and tips/tricks learnt from trip companions.

I made my skiing debut in September 1997 at Guthega, NSW. Like most first timers I spent many hours on my arse on the first day, but after a lunchtime lesson I gradually got the hang of things and by the second day i was hooked. During the next three ski seasons I spent a good portion of my income on ski gear and getting to know and love the NSW ski resorts. Like most ignorant Australians I thought I would have to head overseas for a real skiing experience, after all, our mountains are flat and there's no challenging skiing here.

This blinkered view of Australian Skiing changed on my first summer walking trip on the NSW main range in 2001. The previous winter I’d met a bloke in the common room at the Snowline caravan park who insisted I should check out what was on offer on the Main Range. He had me curious about what may lay beyond the ski resorts so I convinced a group of mates to walk the Main Range circuit over the Easter long weekend. The walk up to Mt Kosciuszko was nice, the view into Lake Albina pretty special, but the view north from the western spur of Carrruther's Peak had me creaming my dacks. The tourist brochures don't show places like this in Australia. I didn't know their names at that stage but after staring at the slopes around the Sentinel and Watson's Crags for a few hours I set myself a new goal - to return one winter to ski them.


Happy as a pig in shit! My first sighting of the western faces of the NSW Main Range.

After spending most of my disposable income on gear, upgrading gear, practising at the resort, building up my experience with various trips into the frontcountry, spring trips to the Main Range and re-upgrading gear I eventually made it out to the slopes of Watson’s Crags and the Sentinel in winter. I continue to enjoy skiing and camping in the Kosciuszko National Park, and in a few years time I hope I can say I’ve skied it all!

Whilst the site is titled Australian Backcountry Skiing the information presented has a NSW (and especially NSW Main Range) focus. That is because I have limited experience outside of NSW to date. I aim to expand the site as I explore more of the Australian backcountry. I hope you enjoy the information I’ve presented and get as much out of skiing the backcountry as I do. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the information on this site, or are interested in purchasing or using any of my photographs.

Look forward to seeing you out there!

James Morrow